Friday ReBlog: Thrifting for Halloween Costumes

Halloween’s TOMORROW and you DON’T HAVE A COSTUME!!!!

It’s like this feeling.

Panic not.

Your friendly neighborhood Thrift Shop’s gotcha covered.

Click through for thriftspiration!

Here’s a video of Thrifters Anonymous hunting for Halloween costumes, including, obviously, a bride:maxresdefault

Here are some great ideas (Where’s Waldo? is my fave in this list):$_1

Ashley Reese nails the things you should always thrift instead of buying new, including your Halloween costume—Nicki Minaj (I LOVE THIS) or Girl Scout:
thrifted-leather-jacket-miley-whats-good-offbeatorbit thrifted-girl-scout-costume

And a bunch more here—scrubs always make an easy doc/nurse get up and are ALWAYS to be found at thrift shops.  Not sure what’s happening with this other costume, though…
diy_pink_flamingo_costume-thumb-459x600-116776 (1)

And a few more here, from Ecouterre, a site with great links/resources on eco-friendly fashion—anything from Clueless is easy, given the amount of 90s clothes floating around thrift stores: thrift-store-halloween-3

Lichtenstein lady is brilliant—you just need a wig and some makeup and art supplies (also very easily thrifted):



Now go find that great thrifted Halloween costume!

What are your Halloween thrift shop-inspired ideas??  Scroll down to share!


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