Friday Thrift Camaraderie

I met a gentleman at the thrift store recently who caught my attention when I accidentally thought he was asking me a question.  (I just assume strangers will speak to each other at thrift stores—it’s one of the nice things about the communal space thrifting creates).

Turns out he was just talking out loud to himself, but he took the opportunity to share his conversation with me.

“Is this too loud?”  (holds up a white shirt with orange/pink/green plaid striped over it, similar to below but with a lot more white/no blue:)

 (edited for excessive male model brooding)

He continues: “I mean, I wear bright colors—this (points to a faded mauve madras shirt) is pretty tame for me.”

“I think it’s great,” I respond, “It’ll bring a pop of color without blinding anyone.”

“You think?  Good.  I hate being boring at work.”


This is thrifting camaraderie at its best: encouraging someone to live into their own style even when it’s a bit outside the norm.

Plus, who doesn’t love seeing masculine types wearing something besides a plain ol’ blue dress shirt?  (This is why the spouse has a purple/red/teal plaid shirt in his closet…)


What’s your latest/favorite thrifting camaraderie experience?  Do you talk to strangers (or solicit their advice) in thrift stores?  Or does it totally rub you the wrong way?


Happy Weekend, Thrifters!


2 thoughts on “Friday Thrift Camaraderie

  1. Yes!!! Go comraderie! I kid you not, we met a veteran at the Durham Mission Thrift store the other day with a capuchin helper monkey in his backpack! I had a great time talking to him about his monkey and all the good they can do and about the place in Brighton ( that train them. It was a pretty great experience.

    Yeah, I didn’t offer any fashion advice, since, unless it involves jeans and a hoodie or someone profoundly colorblind trying to match something, I’m useless. Hooray for talking to strangers though.

    1. That is so cool! Yeah, I feel like you encounter all kinds of great people with interesting stories while thrifting.
      Now I know why you are friends with Chris…helping the colorblind match clothes!

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