Thrift Style for Older Women – Part 3

In Part 1 we pregamed; in Part 2 we went thrifting. Today Part 3 is all about inspiration to get those style juices flowing. These women are the experts I mentioned back in Part 1 – some in thrifting, some in retail, but all in style. (May I note for all you spring chickens out there: I regularly read several of these and the style inspiration therein is in no way limited by age – so click through and read what speaks to you!) Scroll down to share your favorites, that we all may benefit.

Thrift blogs
These first three are all Canadians who know (and link to) each other.  Please help me expand and diversify my list of thrift blogs by older women!


Bag and a Beret

Suzanne Carillo
challenge your style try something new spring florals for women over 40 suzanne carillo

Fellow Atlantan Rhoda has a regular feature on her Southern Hospitality blog about stylish finds for those over 50 which often features thrifted pieces:

On Instagram, Darlene Fadem of Las Vegas:

A post shared by Darlene Fadem (@darlenefadem) on

A Colourful Canvas

Non-thrift Style blogs
Note: there’s a lot of emphasis on blogs like Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced StyleSaramaijewels (Instagram), or Judith Boyd’s Style Crone where the looks are fabulously larger than life. I dig those looks both for their sheer boldness and the styles themselves, but if you’re reading my blog chances are you’re not going to wear opera gloves or turbans in your daily looks. (Correct me if I’m wrong!) So in this list I tried to aim for women who had more relatable, down-to-earth style.

Senior Style Bible (blogger Dorrie Jacobson is an 80-year-old retired Playboy bunny and her style is ON FIRE – although lately she posts more regularly on Instagram)
DorrieJacobson_SeniorStyleBIble_SeniorStyle_2 copy

So What to Twenty!

Une Femme d’un Certain Age

Fashion on the 4th Floor
A Fairytale Ending with the Fab 40s


The SequinistAbout Me Collage

Petite Style Studio
work style, office style, petite fashion, fall fashion, 9to5, office outfit, business casual, feminine work style, dressy, lace skirt, midi skirt, jcrew, h&m, petite style, petite style studio, affordable style, easy style, fashion over 40

That’s Not My Age

Accidental Icon

High Heels in the Wilderness
 black zippered jacket from Lulu Lemon, pink Hot Chillys base layer turtleneck from Bushtakah, black joggers from Aritzia, black boots from Stuart Weitzman, fuchsia tweed coat from Max Mara


Last but not least, an edit – I’m adding on a blog that isn’t focused on the author’s personal style, but IS geared toward this audience and teaches you how to pair colors and silhouettes to create a wardrobe of stylish things that work together (which is, after all, my own wardrobe goal!):

The Vivienne Files

Thanks Jill B. for catching this oversight!

What are your favorite style/thrift blogs written by/for older women?  Scroll down to comment!

8 thoughts on “Thrift Style for Older Women – Part 3

  1. Me too! Thanks for including me in your list. I love vintage and sometimes do the thrift thing, although I’m not the expert that some of the other women you’ve featured are. Great list of blogs.

  2. Thanks for all your comments and additional sources of style inspiration! It’s great fun to see what folks are putting together out there and how each person makes really different styles work for them.

  3. While not a thrift blog, I love Janice Riggs of The Vivienne Files. She includes some fashions in lower price points, as well as some beautiful items where the cost make this frugal yankee gasp. She is interested in capsule wardrobes and explains how to make a few clothing items go a long way with the use of accessories. She seems like a delightful down-to-earth person and is the only fashion blog (along with yours) that I read regularly. Janice also seems to lean the fashions she presents for the middle-age and up audience, although really anyone can learn from her blog, and have much fun doing so!

    1. I can’t believe I forgot The Vivienne Files! I’m going to edit the post to include her. While Janice’s blog isn’t a “personal” style blog, you’re exactly right that it IS a style blog geared toward this audience.
      And wow, I’m flattered that I share a spot with her in your reading list – what a compliment!

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