Travel Wardrobe: Quick Trip to Raleigh / Durham

We went to the Raleigh/Durham area a few weekends ago for a friend’s wedding. It was a long weekend involving everything from a wiffle ball tournament at beautiful Umstead State Park (complete with Yogi Berra/Abraham Lincoln custom-made t-shirts) to, obviously, a wedding, at the lovely and delicious Caffé Luna. The rehearsal dinner was at Sitti – tasty Lebanese food. We also ate at Lilly’s pizza (good beer, pizza was fine but I think I’d pick a different flavor next time) and at Elmo’s Diner for brunch where the huevos rancheros hit the spot. The locals love Elmo’s so the lines were long but moved quickly.

We didn’t have time for a Durham Bulls game (which we have enjoyed in the past) or to hit up the Marbles Children’s Museum (only $5 a pop!) but they’re both on the list for next time.

Here’s what I wore:
Yes this is a Goodwill dressing room – I continue to be unimpressed with North Carolina Goodwills in terms of cleanliness (my legs are hiding a Bojangles cup and other trash someone left in there) and selection – I think I took maybe one picture of a so-so find. But maybe I’m just spoiled by the Goodwill of North Georgia?  

Also, those same red shorts with this top:

Travel uniform:

The full (poorly lit) shot:

Attire for the rehearsal dinner & wedding, only I wore that same white denim jacket as above as my top layer:

Running attire:
Nothing like a run around Duke’s beautiful campus to put you in a good mood – even in the rain!

How did my wardrobe work? Turns out, not that well! I broke my own rule for creating travel wardrobes and forgot to check the weather. Well – I did check the weather, but I did so two days out, and by the time we were ready to leave the forecast had taken a major dip temp-wise and rain was predicted for two of the days (thankfully not the day of the wiffle ball tourney).  So I was pretty darn wet and cold for a portion of the weekend.

Also, I packed an extra dress I did not end up wearing because it felt too summery for a rainy wedding day:

[Full thrift disclosure: you may recognize that as a dress I’d marked for giveaway oh…almost two years ago!  But I just couldn’t part with it – I love the colors and the bodice and the fuller skirt is a nice summery addition to my army of sheath dresses.  I have since stuck it in my “festive occasions” wardrobe (I just made up that term…) and it’s been worn for Easter twice and, as you now know, it’s on my wedding attire roster.]

Also also, I should have had the foresight to realize that my preschool-aged flower girl would want me to walk with her down the aisle and opted for a jacket/blazer in a more formal fabric than white denim.  I don’t think it ruined anyone’s wedding (especially since the groomsmen – and my kid! – were wearing Chuck Taylor’s), but I would’ve felt a little dressier.

Live and learn, friends, live and learn.

What do you think of my travel wardrobe?  Have you been to Raleigh/Durham?  If so, what do you recommend for the next time we head that way?

5 thoughts on “Travel Wardrobe: Quick Trip to Raleigh / Durham

  1. Leah, you failed to mention your awesome catch while playing shortstop in that wiffle ball game. We are lacking in awesome thrifting around here. There are some nicely curated ‘vintage’ options (one on Broad Street and some at the Mothership). The Goodwill in this area is known as ‘GSK’ and is a bit different and typically smaller. The only Salvation Army I can think of is over on Hillsborough road and I’m not sure about them. The Scrap Exchange is a cool reuse / recycling place that just began taking clothing. I expect they’ll be a good one to check out in a year or two once they’ve built up some inventory and their reputation for thrifting.

    1. That WAS a pretty amazing catch! :)
      We were glad for your tip about the Goodwill name change (although I think it’s actually GCF? for Goodwill Community Foundation?) because we drove right past it a few times until we remembered that it wasn’t billed as GOODWILL.
      Next time we come to visit I’m going to check out the Sally and the Scrap Exchange. Thanks so much for hosting us on your wedding weekend, we had a blast!

  2. We lived in Raleigh/Durham for 3 years, and now live 3 hours west. Do not berate yourself over the weather- in April and May, forecast could just as easily have changed after you got here, or between putting on the tank top and hustling the toddler into the car. Seriously, it’s impossible. There’s nothing to do but wear a sweater and take it on and off again every few hours. Marbles is great, though, don’t miss it next time! For a little better thrift option, check out Pennies for Change. It’s small but they have some good things and proceeds help victims of domestic abuse. I bought my wedding dress there. It’s this amazing 70s style teal, white and brown number. I now wear it to other people’s weddings.

    1. Glad to hear it wasn’t just me, Kara! I’ll note Pennies for Change for next time – smaller thrift stores may have a narrower selection but they often have gems sprinkled in there. I’d love to see a pic of your wedding dress if you want to share – and I love that you’ve kept wearing it! Good to know that Marbles is worth it. It was right across the street from the wedding venue but it just didn’t line up. Next time!

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