Winter 10×10 Part 1

Click here to read about the 10×10 challenge and see my picks for this go-around.

We’re almost halfway through the Winter 10×10; today I’m recapping looks 1-4. Let’s get started!

Day 1

Ralph Lauren button down
Loft sweater
Paige jeans
Puma sneakers – all thrifted


As mentioned previously, I have struggled with layering button down shirts under sweaters. One of my goals for this 10×10 was to give that combo another try, with better-fitting shirts and a thicker sweater to help everything lay flat. So I gave it a shot right out of the gate – and behold! I succeeded. I really enjoyed the crispness of the white collar against the soft, snuggly sweater; the simple color palette; and the way the sneakers just barely kept it from veering into preppy suburban mom territory.

I also love that the Polo logo on the Ralph Lauren shirt is on the cuff; I can keep the very obvious branding out of sight simply by cuffing the sleeves, which I often do anyway. And when I want to wear it sans sweater, there will be no logo marring its lovely lines:


I also think this white shirt fits Light Summer’s “cloud white” nicely.

Rating: 10/10.


Day 2

Blue sweater by Loft
White cardigan by INC
Paige denim
Puma sneakers – all thrifted


I was excited to find this waterfall-esque cardigan with gold zipper details at Restoration Project in Belmont, but it’s proved harder than I thought to style.  The (Light Summer) lightness of the upper half of my body doesn’t look like it belongs with the lower half, and the shawl collar ends at a spot that kind of cuts me off in the middle.

I do, however, love those gold zippers and am committed to giving this another try:


Rating: 5/10


Day 3

Banana Republic turtleneck
Cardigan by INC
Pants by Elie Tahari – all thrifted
Socks by Target (retail)
Shoes by Clarks (retail)


I wore this to church which is why my shoes are fancier and I made the effort to match my socks to my turtleneck. Also why the pants aren’t jeans – although they’re basically the stretchy chino version of jeans. Suuuuuper comfy (but no pockets – boo).

This turtleneck is super soft and has a great cut; but again, the cardigan cuts me off in the middle. This time it doesn’t seem quite as harsh – maybe because these are all neutrals?

Speaking of which, now that I’m trying out more color, the all-neutral look I used to wear a lot doesn’t seem nearly as interesting. These are all Light Summer colors (or my approximation of them as I’m learning my color palette), but it falls a little flat. I think the lesson here is that I need some color.

Rating: 6/10. It’s polished, but not exciting.


Day 4

Plaid shirt by Lands’ End
Sweater by Loft
Paige denim
Rain boots – all thrifted


I’m disappointed that the collar doesn’t show more above the sweater, although I like the pops of color on the cuffs. I think this sweater works better with the white shirt – the intensity of the plaid colors seems too much for the calm of the neutral sweater. I thought about wearing the purple corduroys with this (and may yet do it) – but that may not solve the bright/muted problem.

PS You can’t tell, but there’s pink in the shirt that matches the pink in the boots.

Rating: 6/10. The colors clash and it’s just not as good as the white shirt.


Let me know what you think of the outfits – and come back Friday for looks #5-7!

6 thoughts on “Winter 10×10 Part 1

  1. I agree about color – you look really vibrant when wearing a great color! The blue sweater just makes you look wonderful!
    Please keep wearing YOUR COLORS ! ! ! (Neutrals are so easy to wear but the right color just adds so much more sparkle to your outfit and to YOU.)

    Thanks so much for this series on “color seasons” – it has been very inspiring. And thrifting is a great way to find your best colors – the color palette available in the most shops and online frequently are not the “right colors” for everyone!

    1. Thanks Carol! It’s good to know someone else sees what I see :)
      And I’m glad you’re enjoying the color seasons series! It’s fun for me to think through and write about. It’d be great to feature someone else who’s figured out their season and the clothes that work for them… anybody up for it?? :)

  2. I think the issue with the waterfall cardigan is the shirts/pants underneath – the high waist that is visually created by the bottom of the front of the cardigan sits oddly above the low waist created by the longer shirt and lower rise jeans (I assume they are medium-low rise). It may look better with a shirt tucked into high waisted jeans that bring the waist up visually to match the cardigan. If you’re not into the higher rise on pants it may work to add a long, thin scarf that helps break up the double-waist look, or even wearing a more mono-saturation outfit (lighter shirt, lighter more neutral pants) to de-emphasize the differences between the pieces. I looooove high waisted jeans but I know they’re not for everybody!

    1. Danielle – great suggestions!
      I knew the “two waists” were an issue although I’m not *particularly* into high waist jeans – they remind me of that time I was a 1950s movie extra with a girdle and it was not pretty. (Well, I mean, it was pretty, because hair and makeup people – but it didn’t FEEL pretty!)
      But your comment about mono-saturation gave me words for why/how I instinctively styled the cardigan this morning – the rest of the outfit comes from the same color family and makes it look a lot less choppy because the cardigan is effectively the only “waist.” (It’s a little hard to see because my purple pants photograph so dark, but my Instagram feed on the right has pics.) Thanks!

  3. My sister has the same rain boots. They’re cute! Do you NEED the sweater on top of the plaid shirt? Looks like it’d be a perfect outfit without the sweater . . . unless you need some warmth! I agree with Carol. The blue sweater is a fabulous color on you!

    1. I like how cheery they are :)
      It’s been in the 30s so the extra layer has been helpful – but today, when I layered the cardigan on top of the plaid shirt (see Instagram feed on the right), I needed it for 30 degree morning and will definitely NOT need it as it rises up to 58! Ha.
      Thanks for your kind words!

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