Beyond “It” Colors: Searching for Cerulean Chinos

I’ve added tapered chinos in this color to my thrifting list:

Not necessarily looking for Khakis by Gap, but I did love the fabric and fit…just a leetle too small

For blue pants I normally stick to navy, since it’s subtle and neutral, but this brighter, lighter hue will go with everything in my warm weather wardrobe (including navy) and liven things up a bit.   It’s almost summer, after all!

I’d call this color cerulean; it was definitely an “it” color a few (several?) seasons ago, and I’m pretty sure it’s the same as the cerulean featured in this clip from The Devil Wears Prada.  You won’t see it in most stores now.

Here’s what’s great about thrifting, though: you have everyone’s donated items from past seasons to help fill holes in your wardrobe, even if your preferred silhouette/color/fabric isn’t currently “in.”

Of course, that means you have to put in a little hard work to come up with your own style instead of chasing trends and the Pantone colors of the year.  But when you’ve figured out what you love (and it’s not just whatever happens to be hot in the mall nearest you), then you’re in charge instead of leaving your look up to fast fashion gurus.

And if you wear a color or cut that’s no longer “hip”?  Instead of seeming outdated,when you pair it with the rest of your purposely chosen clothes, it will read as “you” – part of your signature style.


Thrifting: you get to build a unique style, curating it with clothes from a much wider range than what’s currently in retail stores.

Win all around.


Do you have a favorite color or style that’s not “in” but that you snap up if you see it secondhand?


PS I’m seeing a lot of burgundy/oxblood pants currently in thrift stores…they were huge last year but if this color is YOU, don’t be afraid to get amongst it now!  Cobalt is also pretty prevalent.


Friday ReBlog: Oprah’s Closet Clearout Philosophy & Thrifting on UnFancy

Need some inspiration for cleaning out your closet?  Watch a short video on Oprah’s closet cleanout.  All pieces—many designer or bespoke—were auctioned on eBay with proceeds benefiting her girls’ leadership academy in South Africa. (Sorry all you fashionistas, bidding has ended.)

Meanwhile, in her journey towards a more ethical closet, Caroline at UnFancy is trying her hand at thrifting after a long hiatus.  3 good tips in the body of the post + the comments = worth the visit.

Best tip I found in the comments, from Mara:
“Don’t avoid the big, messy thrift stores! Just skim the racks quickly for appropriate colors/textures. If something catches your eye check tag for size, fabric content and brand. Try to stick to quality brands. If size, fabric and brand are ok – ONLY then pull the item from the rack and look at it. You can get through a ton of clothing this way.”


Update: the Duchess of Cambridge thrifts presents.  Just sayin’.

Happy weekend, Thrifters!


Friday ReBlog: Mom Style Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Jaana at This Mom’s Gonna Snap is a funky, funny, photography-loving mom to Stevie (which I’m pretty sure is the coolest name ever).  She blogs about their adventures together, her “momdrobe” (mom + wardrobe = momdrobe), and the challenges of parenting-while-introverted/parenting a kiddo with special needs.

She recently posted about her revamped capsule wardrobe: thanks to living in LA with tiny 1928 closets, she has consolidated everything into just a single capsule (in my head I am calling this One Wardrobe to Rule Them All).  And she’s transitioning from fast fashion addiction to slow style, sharing her experience along the way.


If you’re ready to snort into you coffee and enjoy bright, sunny photos about potty training, funerals, and Universal Studios, this blog’s for you.

Happy Weekend, Thrifters!


a Very Thrifty Christmas

Thriftshop Chic is taking a break for the holidays—we’ll be back in the New Year.

In the meantime, I wish you all the message on these cards I thrifted this week to write holiday thank yous:

#thrifted holiday cards with an utterly timely message. “Peace on earth, goodwill to all.” May it be so.

A photo posted by LeahLW (@thriftshopchic) on


Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! And for those looking to spread goodwill, peace, and compassion to refugee families like the one whose story is the center of this season, check out the Compassion Collective.

Peace, y’all. See you in 2016 (unless I go thrifting before then…) !


My Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Winter capsule wardrobe

I love reading about/looking at other people’s capsule wardrobes; they give you insight into the way someone’s mind works while also giving your own wardrobe-building and style-sculpting synapses a good workout.

Plus there’s the satisfaction of contemplating a life with enough—no need (at least for the moment) to try to find “more,” to chase after the illusory high of a new purchase. Lately I’ve caught myself thinking I just need one extra top, or that perfect sweater, or just the right trousers (see: chasing after pants I didn’t need during my emergency travel wardrobe excursion) to complete my winter wardrobe. Because I was returning to the same ensembles over and over again without taking the time to work out new pairings, it felt like my closet was lacking in variety.  But forcing yourself to use only the clothing you currently own to create outfits often helps you see that you already have everything you need.

So I thought I’d share what I just realized last week was becoming a proper capsule wardrobe, and, in the process, put some creativity-inducing limits on my sartorial repertoire. Continue reading “My Winter Capsule Wardrobe”