What’s on My Thrift List – Transition to Fall

Somehow my thrift list has recently exploded even though I thought I had a pretty solid handle on my cold weather styling revamp.  I think it’s because I’ve had a few style epiphanies lately about what I want for my fall/winter wardrobe.

What I’m Thrifting for Fall/Winter

  • Ivory puffy vest to go over my shirts when it’s not cold enough for a full-on coat
  • Soft-structured blazer – the kind that has some stretch.  Something like this or this in blue or grey would do the trick, or maybe something with some cream/grey or cream/camel geometric stuff happening… open to inspiration!


wp_20160915_11_09_20_pro-1 wp_20160913_13_57_29_pro-1


What would you call this hue??

  • Statement jacket thanks to this Vogue cover
  • Grey Pumas for casual winter shoe (I used to have mauve ones that finally fell apart and I’ve been looking to replace them ever since)

In the meantime I substituted these Mossimo sneaks for late summer/early fall:


  • One or two more thin sweaters that act like shirts; particularly a Donegal tweed version in cream or blue (or juuuust the right red) like this or this:

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I have a feeling this might be a long thrift hunt. (Although I did recently find something in a similar texture but with neon flecks – sigh.  Neon.)

  • Silk/nice poly blouse in cream with tiny red polka dots – a while back I had a crappy poly version that I had thrifted and LOVED but it was scratchy and cheap and I am now holding auditions for its upgrade.


And because I believe in the long thrift and will be looking for warm weather clothes during the off season…

Stuff I’d Like to Thrift before Summer Comes Again:

  • Old school sleeveless denim dress like this or this (minus that weird zipper and the t-shirt underneath)
  • White pencil skirt like this one
  • Sleeveless, collared leopard blouse like this one – see that taupe?! – but minus the armpit cutoff/pulling you can’t really see here:

I tried several on the last time I went to the Goodwill; none fit, alas, but I think the concept is solid and might be the answer to my quest for the perfect leopard print (are you tired of me linking to that yet?).


What’s on your thrift list lately dear readers?  Scroll down to share!


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