November / December Thrift Finds

I thrifted steadily through November and all the way up through the end of December; in the course of assembling this post I realized these were two fruitful months!  While several pieces that came home with me were for warm weather, all the winter goodies in this haul required some trimming of my cold weather wardrobe (the updated version of which will soon appear on this very blog).


First up, the rejects.

It was really hard to say no to this Loft brocade sweatshirt top:


Because multiple textures!  And neutral/gold!  And a split hem!  But the brocade material made the front super stiff and prone to awkward pointy parts:



Gorgeous green silk shirt with cranes and hexagons on it – too big, wanh wannnnnh:



Loved the tunic length on this top by Zara woman, but it was pretty baggy in the arms and the print was too busy for me:




This Lucky Brand sweater was basically a rag rug in cardigan form – I wanted to love it so hard because who wears rag rugs?  And my great grandma made rag rugs we still have.  It would have been so funky, and it has such great colors, but the drape was just too tent-like.  I think it would be great for someone with a more earth-mama style:

wp_20161215_20_52_42_pro wp_20161215_20_49_00_pro


Linen top by Old Navy – too wrinkly, and too big in the armpits:


Pro tip: how the item appears on the hanger in the thrift store (super wrinkled, misshapen) is a good indicator of how well it will hold up at home.


Mustard blazer by J. Crew – I wanted more of a lemon yellow and the cut was too bulky in the chest, plus the sleeves were reallllly long:



Great texture and cream/grey color on this cardigan by Madison Studio, but again, too wide for me:


Closeup on the texture:




And now, the keepers:

Leopard print shirt by Banana Republic:


More about my quest for leopard here.


Red dress by Talbots – great for summer and also for layering in winter:



Wool/cashmere blend red blazer by Kate Hill:

wp_20161214_13_52_32_pro wp_20161205_14_31_59_pro


Caramel velveteen bootcut pants by !iT Jeans:



Caramel crew neck sweater by J. Crew:



Caramel shirt by Jones New York – more here:

wp_20161215_20_54_59_pro wp_20161215_20_54_54_pro

(More on my red/caramel obsession on Thursday.)


Cream heathered sweater by Gap Designed & Crafted:


Split hem on this baby (also a little pilling I need to take care of):



Cold weather accessories:



Jones New York black party dress & Chico’s two-tone blazer – more here:




Neutral mod dress – more here:



White skirt by Ann Taylor:

wp_20161102_17_02_08_pro wp_20161102_17_02_18_pro

With pockets!



Pink/blue popover by Dalton:


I’m thinking this is pretty tribal-inspired and might have to get re-donated – what do y’all think?



Navy floral blouse by Loft:


I love the colors and can’t WAIT to wear this in spring, as I’ve been keeping an eye out for something with a bold floral print:



Bamboo tech shirt by Tasc Performance to replace an old one I’ve had since high school:


With thumb holes:




What thrift finds have you scored lately?  Scroll down to share in the comments!


8 thoughts on “November / December Thrift Finds

  1. You’ve done very well in the past few weeks and I’m a little envious . . . sorry Atlanta is so far from here because I would love to go thrifting with you. I would be delighted with some of your “refusals” like the “earth-mama” jacket (yummy) and the cream/grey textured jacket (so versatile) – my style is basically classic but with eclectic tendencies and thrifting is definitely the best way to indulge in some of those “off-the-wall” items as well as practical basics!

    Now, about the “tribal” print: the soft colors with less contrast and all-over print make it OK in my opinion – but please refer to the previous sentence about my “taste”! (It would be even more subtle with a second layer: vest, sweater, jacket . . . )

    1. Carol – it was indeed a good run! Glad you like the two textured cardigans – I wish I could grab things for readers who are interested but usually by the time I post I’ve left the store (and sometimes the item is gone). If you’re ever in Atlanta let me know and I’ll take you to some of my favorite thrifting spots :)
      I LOVE the colors/print on the Dalton tee – what I’m worried about is the cultural appropriation when tribal prints are used on garments completely divorced from any cultural context (particularly when worn by someone like me who is in on way affiliated with said culture). To read more about what I mean, click the link on that picture’s caption.
      Thanks for weighing in!

  2. Great blog! If I read correctly you are in Atlanta? If so, what are your favorite Thrift stores? I live on the Northeast end but like to thrift in all areas. Thanks for the thrifting inspiration : )

      1. Thanks Leah for sharing your favorite thrifting places! Here are a few of mine that you may not have discovered yet : ) I also donate at these places when I clean out.

        The Drake Closet (3 locations)benefits The Drake House( short term crisis housing, education, and empowerment programs for homeless single mothers and their children)
        Store Hours Tues-Fri: 10-5
        Sat: 10-4
        825 Mimosa Blvd.
        Roswell, GA

        26 Old Roswell Street
        Alpharetta, GA

        6030 Sandy Springs Circle
        Sandy Springs, GA

        Duluth Treasures Restyled ~ ( fighting human trafficking)
        2785 Buford Hwy Suite 102-A
        Duluth, GA
        Store Hours: Mon-Sat 10-6
        Donation Hours: Mon-Sat 10-4

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