Thrift Finds: Weekend Wear

Lest you think that this week’s sweater post killed summer, here’s something else I thrifted on that trip that I’ll be wearing all weekend (minus church).  The epitome of comfort in hot weather:

Yellow striped cotton romper by Lux.  

IMG_1830IMG_1838 IMG_1842 IMG_1843


What’s your got-to weekend wear?


4 thoughts on “Thrift Finds: Weekend Wear

  1. Pajama pants and a crappy old t-shirt. I need help.
    Also that looks cool and all but doesn’t it make weekend bathroom trips more time-consuming?

    1. Mwahaha. Not that bad, actually–although I balance bathroom trips with how easy it is to nurse in something (very easy in this), so I’m biased. :)
      And I should probably specify–I often spend all day in pajama shorts and an old-shirt, too, but this is a super-comfy alternative when I’m grabbing bagels with a friend or going out to the park, etc. etc.

  2. Love this outfit! It looks super comfortable! I don’t know that I’ve ever worn a romper but I imagine they’re just as comfortable as jumpsuits, in which case, I need to get one STAT! My go-to weekend wear is basically the same as my work week wear: whatever is comfortable, easy/quick to put on and stylish. The only difference is my weekend wear usually shows more cleavage. ;) Off to go shopping! Laters!

    1. Jumpsuits I have not yet tackled, but as your logic suggests it should be a similar experience! Any advice on how to choose/wear jumpsuits?

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