Friday ReBlog: 10×10 Outfit Challenge

Caroline over at Un-Fancy recently completed a 10×10 outfit challenge: 10 outfits in 10 days using 10 pieces of clothing (including shoes, not including other accessories).  Her inspiration for the project?  She wanted to resist the urge to buy a bunch of new stuff for fall and instead challenge herself to discover new ways of making outfits with pieces she already had.

My favorite thing about the series?  (Well two favorites). She gave her outfits grades based on how functional/comfortable they were but also how “Caroline” they were – how close they each came to her own personal style sweet spot.  And she wasn’t afraid to give an outfit a failing grade!  Most style bloggers you read (myself included) are tempted to post only the “successful” outfits and to skip spilling the beans that a chic- or hip-looking outfit was really uncomfortable or not necessarily “us.”

I also liked that remixing 10 pieces forced her to get creative and pair things in ways she doesn’t normally wear them – and thus she discovered a new-to-her silhouette that is her “fashion future” – the direction she wants to head stylistically. Have you ever had an accidental “aha” moment like that?

Caroline also invited readers to share their own outfit remixes, and thus I happened upon Cleshawn of Home to Hem’s great video lookbook of her 10×10 challenge.  My favorite thing about her video?  You get to see her styling the outfits in real time – realizing a bandana tied like a choker at the neck would take a simple outfit up a notch, or that a shirt needs to be tucked or rolled just so.  For folks who want a boost in the “how do I style this?” department, you should definitely give it a watch!

Both Caroline & Cleshawn have very laidback, work-at-home creative-type vibes.  I totally think this concept is applicable for a more formal office environment, though – anyone up for trying it together?


Have a great weekend, Thrifters!


Friday ReBlog: Wardrobe Math with Adina J

In school I was good at math but never really loved it.  I’m more drawn to images and words (hence…a blog) than to numbers.  But luckily for those of you who’d rather deal in statistics and spreadsheets to assess your wardrobe (or those of you who really love to plan!), we have Adina over at Blue Collar Red Lipstick.

I’ve featured her in a previous Friday ReBlog but wanted to bring to y’all’s attention a couple of posts she’s written since then that can help you analyze your outfits in a myriad of interesting and informative ways.

First up, this post dives into what makes a piece of clothing a good buy from a $$ perspective.  She covers things like cost per wear, MSRP (MRRP to Canadians) aka retail price, and your own personal price set point – what you are willing to pay for a particular item of clothing based on its worth to you.  This is a great overview of helpful concepts, particularly if you are new to thrifting and it seems like EVERYTHING IS A DEAL or if you’ve committed to an edited wardrobe and need some economically sound, strategical reinforcement regarding what comes home with you vs. what stays on the rack.

The following week she wrote this post on how she plans her work wardrobe out a month in advance using a spreadsheet-style concept.  She has a formula for how to fill in the workdays of the week and tracks what she wears in a way that eliminates almost all the guesswork.  The comments are also a great place to learn about other people’s systems for outfit planning (including mine; spoiler, it’s “what do I feel like wearing today?”) and some good apps/tools that can do the work for you.


So tell me, Thrifters – which are you?  More plan-it-out or spur-of-the-moment?  More analyze-the-value or follow-your-gut?  More track-and-evaluate how pieces perform or guesstimate-at-end-of-season?  Scroll down to comment!


Friday ReBlog: When Your Style Starts to Change

The last few weeks I’ve featured new-to-me thrift blogs, but today I’m throwing it back to a  style blogger we’ve visited before: Caroline at Un-Fancy.  She penned a post recently about what to do when your style begins to shift and your current closet doesn’t quite fit your evolving aesthetic.

She gives some good tips on styling what you have in ways that feel fresh without chucking your entire wardrobe. Her approach is all about appreciating what you have and being content with enough, both of which are underdeveloped skills in our culture. Caroline’s concern also stems from her growing commitment to ethical consumption, which makes it pricey to decide you’re done with a good chunk of your US/fairly-made or eco-friendly clothing.

Thrifters don’t deal with the price issue in the same way, of course – in fact, the ability to be flexible with your style is a major selling point for thrifting. Nor does thrifting have as big of an impact on the environment as new purchases (and therefore increased demand) do – although as we discussed here LINK, thrifting obviously relies on other people purchasing new clothes, so it’s not entirely free of issues.

As we’ve talked about before, the principle of having enough, though, applies whether you shop retail or thrift. And even if you can afford to change over your repertoire when you decide you’re not feeling a certain pant silhouette, you may not have the time or the energy to go hunting for the newest expression of your style. Or you may not even be sure that a new style is what you need – maybe you just need a little break before returning to your regularly scheduled wardrobe.

So if you’ve been feeling the itch to switch it up sartorially, head on over to Un-Fancy to get her take on no-cost restyling.


Happy weekend, Thrifters!



three things to do when you feel your style start to change (but you want to honor what you already have)

Friday ReBlog: Thrifting in Your Funky Forties

In doing research for this post on breaking fashion rules – including the one that says women of a “certain age” can’t wear clothing too bold, funky, or shapely – I came across Sheila at Ephemera.  Her style is a total treat – purple hair, fab shoes, bold colors, fitted dresses/skirts, and killer poses. She has a great eye for mixing designer finds with local jewelry and footwear with personality.

Plus, her ensembles are almost entirely thrifted and consigned, a feature hard to find amongst (the thankfully growing number of) more maturely-aged style blogs.

A few faves:

A particularly impassioned manifesto re: wearing whatever you want at whatever age you want.

A gorgeous leopard/red combo.


Go check out Ephemera – especially if you love tats!

Happy Friday, Thrifters!


Friday ReBlog: Two Canadian Thrifters

O Canada! (gratuitous pics of stylish and delicious prime minister Justin Trudeau and his wife, the equally stylish and delicious Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, here.)

Today we’ve got 2 Canadian bloggers who, from all I can gather, know each other IRL and sometimes thrift for each other.  Sigh.  My dream.

First off: thanks to reader Kathleen S. who alerted us to The Spirited Thrifter. (Note: you, too, can suggest your favorite thrift bloggers in the comments below or here on the original “help me find more thrift blogs!” post).

Author Nicole sounds like my soul mate.  Evidence:

“Last week, I *helped* my friend Karlynn at her excuse to buy more Pyrex garage sale, and while *helping* her drank sangria.”  (The “Spirited” in her blog title refers to her personality but also her love of spirits.)

Or: “What’s a mom to do with 3 hours to herself but go thrifting”?

Plus she makes her kids thrift and puts thrift stores on her vacation sight-seeing list.  My kind of lady.


The Spirited Thrifter led me to Blue Collar Red Lipstick, where Adina isn’t afraid to style herself up while living in a dress-down kind of city.  She’s got a tailored look I love livened up by lots of color.  Many of her things are consigned/thrifted, and she has a whole section on work capsule wardrobes if you need some visual inspiration on how to put together a dressier or more colorful capsule wardrobe.


Happy Friday, Thrifters! I’ll be back next week with a fun travel wardrobe from a recent trip to Asheville, NC.


Friday ReBlog: Too Cheap Blondes

Thanks to reader Kiki for recommending a new blog I think y’all will like: Too Cheap Blondes.

(A grammar pun? I’m already on board).

Pippa and Jen are Houston thrifters with a great variety of posts on all things thrift: tips, DIYs/rehabs, styling ideas, recreating trends, how to tell quality vs. quackery, capsule wardrobes, thrift makeovers, cowboy boots (the native born Texan in me is swooning), etc.  I have a feeling it’s gonna take me awhile to get through their archives.

Hint: to find their blog scroll down the home page about 3/4 of the way.

If you don’t have time to binge read right now, their list of tips for thrifting is a great place to start.  I love their point about not limiting yourself to the designer/boutique section of the thrift store; you can find great stuff there but often designer/brand names slip through the cracks and end up in the regular areas for a fraction of the price.

One personal caveat vis-à-vis the above list: they advise skipping lower end brands, and generally that’s wise.  But some of my longer-lasting thrift finds are by Merona [Target], Forever 21, George [Walmart].  I find it’s really about the quality of the fabric and construction, which oddly is sometimes good even with cheap labels and conversely is not necessarily great even with name brands.
Any Houstonians out there excited to find these local ladies?  Any other great posts in their archives to which you want to direct our attention?

Remember, I’m sharing this blogging goodness thanks to Kiki’s recommendation; do your fellow thrifters a solid and list your favorite thrift blogs in the comments below, or, better yet, in the comments on last week’s cry for help where others can find them!

As always, happy weekend, Thrifters.


Friday ReBlog: What Are YOUR Favorite Thrift Blogs?

Thrifters, I need your help.  The last few weeks I’ve been stuck in a rut where I’ve read all my favorite style/thrift blogs (and even ventured into some new ones that didn’t stick) and I can’t find anything thrifty enough/wardrobe edit-y enough/fresh enough to share with you in a Friday ReBlog.

So instead of wallowing in my sorrows, I’m asking YOU all to share your favorite blogs or posts about thrifting and/or creating an edited, stylish wardrobe.  Take a sec and scroll down to leave your faves in the comments so that I, and most of all your fellow thrifters, will benefit from a communal spotlighting of your gloriously thrifty/chic reads.

Thanks in advance, and happy weekend!


Friday ReBlog: Thriftanista in the City + Unclaimed Baggage

Did you know there is a magical thrift-like land where the insides of lost luggage goes to be cleaned and put up for (very decently priced) sale?  Neither did I!

It’s called Unclaimed Baggage and I learned about it from Troy of Thriftanista in the City.  Also a denizen of the great metro ATL area, she made a pilgrimage there last year and recently rocked one of her unclaimed finds with a pair of originally $178 j. brand white jeans she found at Goodwill.  My kind of woman.

Troy has a great sense for color and shape and the ability to use a sewing machine to patch up pieces that need a little love.  I love seeing what she puts together on her Instagram feed and her blog.

Pretty sure Unclaimed Baggage is now on my (thrift) bucket list.  3 hours+ driving time isn’t too crazy for a secondhand pilgrimage, right??


Where would you LOVE to go thrifting?

Have a great weekend, Thrifters!