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Since I broke up with (strict) capsule wardrobes last summer, this post does not contain every. single. piece. of clothing I will wear for the next few months; but it’s pretty close! My goal with a seasonal wardrobe like this is to have a curated closet full of things I love to wear that play well with one another; you’ll see that idea reflected in the color palette, style, and limited number of clothes shown below.

So here’s what I’m working with for work outfits this spring – a glorious season of never-ending flowers and pollen dust when the Atlanta temps can go from 50s up into the 80s on any given day. I’m really proud that I got good photos of (almost) everything this time around, so you’re getting full-sized pics.  Enjoy! :)

PS For anyone new to the blog – everything below is thrifted except my sandals (marked “retail”).

I’m going to list all my long-sleeved lightweight tops here and all my short-sleeved/sleeveless tops in my summer wardrobe, knowing that I’ll likely move back and forth between the two as the weather changes.

IMG_5563 IMG_5564 IMG_5572IMG_5565 IMG_5566 IMG_5562IMG_5567 IMG_5568 IMG_5569 IMG_5570 IMG_5571IMG_5600  Red/pink/white floral – no label; muted red linen/cotton button down – Banana Republic; coral/blue/white popover – Dolan; peach leopard print – Forever 21; white popover – Old Navy; grey polka dot – Loft; emroibered cotton popover – Lucky Brand; white with blue floral tunic – Chico’s; tropical popover – Loft; blue/turquoise/yellow floral – Land’s End; cerulean snakeprint popover – no label; leopard print – Banana Republic heritage (straight out of wash and thus wrinkly!)


IMG_5578IMG_5583 IMG_5579  IMG_5589 IMG_5575 IMG_5576 IMG_5573
navy blue blazer – Charlotte Russe; pink/blue marled blazer – Cartonnier; grey marled blazer – Merona; white denim jacket- J. Crew; navy dress coat – Arthur S. Levine; white/gold chrysanthemum cardigan – Isaac Mizrahi Live!; blue pattern wool cardigan – Talbots 



IMG_1753 IMG_1754
IMG_1727 IMG_1729IMG_3784

I hope to add some dressier navy pants like the Vince Camutos above, but I’ll have to wait ’til after Easter when my thrift fast is done.


I have really been in skirt-wearing mode lately so just squint and pretend these have all been freshly laundered…

IMG_5585 IMG_5588 IMG_5584Taupe – H&M; navy – J. Crew; white – Ann Taylor

I had a camel skirt too but guess what?  I hate camel. (Somebody remind me of this next time I try to get a camel skirt!) Also it was too big.


IMG_5592IMG_5590 IMG_5593 IMG_5595 IMG_5596 IMG_5598
Caramel shirt dress – New York & Co.;  blue long-sleeve – Land’s End; turquoise/pattern colorblock dress – vintage; orange creamsicle sheath – Ann Klein; white sheath – H&M; blue sheath – Ann Taylor

That vintage dress feels a little more special occasion to me than every day; but I plan to wear it to work occasionally so I included it.


WP_20170307_17_11_54_Pro WP_20170131_08_18_09_Pro
IMG_1160 IMG_1200-c
Clarks sandals (retail); Bandolino wedges (more about these here); Champagne flats (more here); Floral sneaks (more here)


That’s it! I’ll likely have a few tweaks/edits/additions along the way which I will share when I’m getting ready to transition into full-on summer wardrobe in a month or two (spring is short here!).

What do you think of my spring wardrobe?  What’s yours looking like this year?  Scroll down to comment!


6 thoughts on “Spring Wardrobe

  1. Hi Leah,

    You have made some very pretty choices! As we here in the ‘frozen tundra’ (as I believe you have referred to NH in the past) finally will be getting a taste of Spring I have unearthed my warm-weather garments. I will be sticking with my favorite bright blue of last year but will be adding some rose tops along with my various blue capris. I hope to add some blue long-length pants, along with a khaki colored pair for versatility. Frankly though, I am just happy to be moving away from this cold, snowy weather!

    1. Jill! I am so happy for you to have some springlike weather! We facetimed with family in New England this past weekend when they were in the middle of adding 8 more inches of snow – yipes. Take my description of NH with a grain of salt…I spent 3 years in Boston and did just fine, but 10 years in the South has thinned my blood considerably :)
      Your color palette sounds lovely. Do you have any brighter colored but still cold-weather clothes you bust out in, say, March when you are sick of your winter wardrobe but it’s not warm enough yet for capris/tees?

  2. I do have some reds, as well as blues I like to wear in the colder weather that are much like the blues of your Spring dresses. To jazz up my dark winter outerwear I also have some bright glove-scarf combos.
    You are inspiring me with your pop-over tops. I have trouble with buttons because of my ample chest and smaller waist, but pop-overs might be just the ticket. Thanks for the sartorial ideas!

    1. Jill – my chest is far from ample but somehow buttondowns seem to always gap in the wrong place anyway. I use either a safety pin (a few of the tops above have “permanent” safety pins that I leave in when I wash/dry them) or, as you said, go for a popover – no gaps there! Glad to help. :)

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