Friday ReBlog: Baby Essentials and More Registry Advice

Minimalist Mom is one of my go-to blogs for minimalist inspiration and a voice of sanity in our  culture of buy-your-kids-everything-to-make-them-happy/healthy/safe/smart. She posted several years back about the essentials she and her first baby needed; it’s a great starting point for any parents-to-be out there. Now with three boys she’s also a great resource for parents trying to keep at bay the avalanche of stuff and activities that seem to come with modern kids.


Next week, we return to thrifted style with an update on my winter capsule wardrobe; don’t miss it!


Happy weekend, Thrifters!

The Ambivalent Consumer’s Guide to Creating a Gift Registry

While writing Tuesday’s post about thrifting gifts for a baby shower (tacky or not? Weigh in!), I got to thinking y’all might be curious about how someone who thrifts a LOT of her life purchases (that’d be me) does a gift registry.

If you’re committed to lowering your consumer impact and/or addicted to repurposing another person’s discards into your own amazingness, or if you already have most of what you need, signing up for a whole slew of brand new possessions feels… well… weird.

So what if, for any number of reasons, you don’t need ALL THE THINGS for your newly married life or your newly acquired baby or your new digs?  Today I’m sharing how we did our two registries (so far) and tips on how to make a gift registry work for YOU.

The Ambivalent Consumer’s Guide to Creating a Gift Registry
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Thrifting for a Baby Shower Gift

Please note!  I am not pregnant!  (But let’s count how many “Congratulations!!” comments I get anyway after posting this on Facebook.)

Recently good friends had a baby shower for their soon-to-be-born little human.  Several months back, in anticipation of this new little person, I picked up an excellent red onesie with the words “Born to Rock” and an American-flag-patterned hand in the “rock fingers” position at the thrift store.  I am a bad blogger and forgot to photograph it, so here is a similar item in grey and for sale on Etsy in case you think this kind of thing is awesome and want to support independent artisans:
“What?!” you say, “you thrifted a baby shower gift?!  How tacky!

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Thrifting Winter Coats for the Whole Family

You may have seen the coat I thrifted earlier in the season to replace a long-gone, much-loved staple:



What you probably don’t know is that I unintentionally thrifted my kiddo a matching coat to brave the wilds of the frozen Midwest:


With that little thrifted hat, awwww.


And over the holidays, my spouse, whose one true winter coat lives in New England (see this post about leaving your heavy-duty cold-weather clothes at your family’s house), thrifted a decent winter coat to leave at—you guessed it—my parents’ house.  Alas, I didn’t snap a picture before we left, but it pretty much looks like this:


It’s a cashmere blend made in Bulgaria of Italian fabric…just typing that makes me feel cozy.  He scored it for $20 at the charity shop benefitting the local hospital in my parents’ town.  (I also picked up a brand-new Wubba Nub for $1.00—!!!—for a friend’s baby shower, airplane earrings for The Sister, and a beading book for my mom-in-law.  Y’know, getting a jump on next Christmas’ shopping list.)

Tips for Thrifting a Winter Coat

  • If you live someplace warm but occasionally need a winter coat to visit relatives or for business trips, try thrifting at your destination.  It’s much more likely that they’ll have what you need—although coats 1 & 2 in this post were thrifted in Atlanta.  Just sayin’.
  • If you need to combat seriously low temps, look for wool, cashmere, or down and good quality—in tact lining, pockets, reinforced buttonholes, etc.
  • Find out how your local thrift shop does seasonal wear and shop accordingly: some places put clothes out at the very beginning of the season and they get snapped up, some keep them all through the season but then put them away, and some keep everything out all year (which allows you to take your time shopping for the perfect winter coat because neither Jack Frost nor other coat shoppers are breathing down your neck in July).

Have you thrifted a winter coat before?  Any good finds or good tips?  Scroll down to share!

Thrifted Style in Legitimate Cold (with a Shout-out to Cold Weather Newbies)

I sometimes imagine that when I’m writing about my winter capsule wardrobe, all of you north of the Mason Dixon line are silently rolling your eyes.  “What does she know about winter down there in Georgia?!”

Well, you’d be right—these days I don’t have to think twice about real cold weather wear.  (Watch me eat my words though if we have a properly chilly winter.)  But my family lives up North and you better believe I dress appropriately when visiting the Midwest or New England.  I’ve spent far too many frozen months in both of those places not to know better.

Thus, I give you Thrifted Style for Legitimately Cold Weather, and an amusingly lip-less photo taken by The Sister:leah201512

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We’re Back!

Yello!  I’m back from a lovely Christmas hiatus that bled into the New Year due to busy-ness at the job.  When you work at a church and have 7 funerals in 2 weeks, ya don’t get much time to blog.  Yipes!

But I’m happy to reunite with you all and I would LOVE to hear from you about what you’d like me to write about in 2016.  Do you have a style or thrifting question?  Do you want to see tours of different thrift stores and their goods?  Do you want more capsule wardrobe videos?  More hard-hitting pieces (ha) on feminism, the ethics of fast fashion, and cultural appropriation?

Scroll down to weigh in and get us off to a bang in 2016!

Stay tuned this week for how to dress for cold weather if you come from a warmer clime and how to thrift yourself a great winter coat.

Happy New Year, Thrifters!


a Very Thrifty Christmas

Thriftshop Chic is taking a break for the holidays—we’ll be back in the New Year.

In the meantime, I wish you all the message on these cards I thrifted this week to write holiday thank yous:

#thrifted holiday cards with an utterly timely message. “Peace on earth, goodwill to all.” May it be so.

A photo posted by LeahLW (@thriftshopchic) on


Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! And for those looking to spread goodwill, peace, and compassion to refugee families like the one whose story is the center of this season, check out the Compassion Collective.

Peace, y’all. See you in 2016 (unless I go thrifting before then…) !


Thrifting from Home: Goodwill’s Auction Site


Goodwill has an online auction site!


My dear friend Ashley (re)directed my attention to this marvel a few weeks ago; I had encountered it awhile ago but forgotten its existence.  For shame!

She suggested I share it with you all and she was exactly right!  It’s the perfect way to thrift from the comfort of your own home if you do not have the time to spend browsing racks or you live too far from decent thrifting to regularly shop in person.

The site hosts thousands of clothing, jewelry, art, antique, and collectible listings from Goodwills across the country.  Go have a browse and see if anything sparks your interest!

Thanks Smash.  And if you, dear readers, have something similar to bring to my attention, shoot me an email at leah at thriftshopchic dot com to share!


Last Minute Holiday Gifts

What do baby onesies, camouflage caps (gag gift), cookbooks, state-themed earrings, men’s button-down shirts, and lacy antique handkerchiefs have in coming?

All things I’ve bought from thrift stores to give as gifts.  And all things YOU could easily thrift this week if you are in need of last-minute holiday presents.

Tacky you might say?  Not much tackier than turning a holiday centered around the birth of a poor, possession-less prophet decrying our attachment to riches and status into a commercialized consumer-fest.  (Too harsh?)

Anyway, my friends and loved ones know I thrift as much as possible, so they don’t really care if they receive something pre-loved from me.  Some of them have even joined me and given US thrifted gifts, which we love.  Much less financial stress, plus the fun of the hunt, AND you’re guaranteed to be giving unique gifts.  And if your family does gag gifts or stocking stuffers, well, there’s no better place to find affordable ridiculousness than the Goodwill.

Like this:


We were gifted a similar one with “Jesus” on it.  Perfect for a two-minister household with just a touch of snark (see above description of modern-day Christmas).


But what if your loved ones don’t agree with my definition of tacky and they want something unworn by other human beings??  Head to a record store and hand-pick a cool vintage record for your loved one, because somehow records get cooler with age even when clothes do not.  You can frame it as wall art if they don’t have a record player.


All well and good, but what if your holiday gathering is TOMORROW and it’s 9pm and you have NOTHING??

Good thing the internets never sleep.

Even friends who are NOT so excited about my love of giving secondhand gifts are moved to tears by non-commercial gifts from places like Heifer, Habitat, or MercyCorps.  Seriously, there is a creative, unique charitable gift for everyone you know and love.  Google a non-profit related to something your giftee loves (puppies? nurses? fighting cancer? teaching kids to code?) and I bet they will have a program whereby you can honor loved ones with your donation.  If not, just make a card explaining the gift.

The best part about these kinds of gifts?  They are INSTANTANEOUS.  Just click “submit donation” and you’ll get a printable card or a receipt to slip inside your own, hand-made card; or an email sent straight to your honoree on the day you choose.  BAM.  No wrapping needed, no last-minute trip to the mall.


What have you bought secondhand as a gift?  What are your favorite non-material gift donations?  Scroll down to comment!


Friday ReBlog: a Consigned Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve followed Minimalist Beauty for a few years and it is chock-full of style inspiration and simple and healthy beauty routines.  Dawn Michelle, the blogger behind MB, has recently started exploring zero waste and also has lots of info on how to skip shampoo, make your own makeup, and other easy, eco-friendly topics.  If any of the above interest you, get amongst it!

After checking out some of my capsule wardrobe efforts this week, I thought I’d cap us off by showing you Dawn’s capsule wardrobe—she’s decided to do just one for the whole year in order to further cut down on waste, spending, and hassle.  She’s even designed a few of her own pieces; they’re fairly straightforward to make but absolutely lovely on, so check those out if you’re the seamstress-y type.

Happy Friday, thrifters!